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Dynamic Professional Networking

PUSH users are dynamically connected to each other through skillset matching.  Once users post their skills on their SkillPUSH profile, the users’ candidate and hiring manager profiles are instantly connected with matched skills allowing the user to build a professional network based on skillsets, not asking for introductions.   These professional network connections dynamically change as the user changes or updates skills.

A unique anonymity feature is worth special mention. Currently, competitive job boards primarily attract active candidates.  Passive candidates may be hesitant to update their profile on a job board for fear that their current employer will see they are looking.  These passive candidates are often the hardest talent pool for employers to find and recruit.  SkillPUSH allows a user to create a candidate profile that is passive (anonymous).   If the passive / anonymous user receives a request from a Hiring Manager for formal open introductions, then the user can allow that hiring manager the ability to see the private settings

SkillPUSH allows all registered contacts the ability to advertise their skills publicly or privately based on user settings.  Passive candidates who choose a private (anonymous) setting would still be allowed to receive communications from hiring managers offering job opportunities, without revealing their identity to their current employer.