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The best proactive bi-directional networking and recruiting platform we've ever seen...

Exxon | Houston, Texas | April 04, 2016


Finally!!!  A professional networking tool designed by people who clearly get how to network and recruit 

Mikal Strac | San Marcos | April 04, 2016


A LinkedIn killer.....  Nice to see a relevant site focused on the full recruiting life cycle

Donald Carruth | Austin, Texas | April 29, 2016


This website will make other Networking and Career sites obsolete......

Amy Watson | Dallas, Texas | May 03, 2016


Dual role profiles...Why hasn’t this been done before.  I can confidentially (passively) look for jobs as a candidate at the same time I'm looking to hire candidates... Brilliant!!

Juan | Houston, Texas | June 01, 2017


It's about time someone fixed the recruiting process... This will put LinkedIN out of business

Bill | Houston, Texas | July 26, 2017